Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To Buy Online, or not To Buy Online. That is the Question!

Most of us online shoppers are constantly running the numbers. Is this still a good deal after I factor in shipping? Is it going to cost me just as much in gasoline to run around town trying to find a similar item at as great a price?
I know my last years online Christmas shopping was filled with number crunching. I was also teased into adding to my order, on many sites, in order to receive the tempting "free shipping" offer.

So that is why I have always tried very hard to offer Free Shipping on every order. It usually doesn't balance out unless people order multiple items, but I have not held that against the single item purchaser. I do not have any minimum order requirements on my site right now. Order one item, order a dozen items, it ships free.

Most important? You still get the sale price! So at The Treasure Store, get a sale, and get free shipping. Double up, you deserve it :)