Friday, August 13, 2010

free Free FREE!

Well the time has come to announce our PROMOTION!! We will be doing a virtual word-of-mouth campaign, so this will not be listed or announced on our website. So pass the word along (see info below for incentive offer).

In three days, on Monday the 16th, we will be running a 24 hour promotion. You will get 3 deals in one! 

1- Our dresses are priced at a get-to-know-us price of $25 (you will not be able to find these dresses in a boutique for less than $59)
2- We are offering FREE SHIPPING on every order (no minimum requirements)

and to top it all off....

3- on Monday you will get a FREE crochet headband and a FREE flower clip with EVERY DRESS in your order!

*No Limit*

Pass the word incentives:
Also, to Thank those of you who do pass the word along. You can get additional headbands and flower clips  :)

When you tell your friends, share the link, share this post, etc. Make sure to tell your friends to write "Referred by..." in the comment box in the shopping cart. If they do this, you will get another Headband AND Flower clip added to your order, for every person you refer that orders and tells us you referred them. You can really load up!

See you Monday!!

ps- We will be adding photos soon of the headbands and flower clips.

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