Sunday, August 15, 2010

Word-of-Mouth Promotion

Well it is finally here! Our Triple Promotion! Tomorrow (Monday) for 24 hours you will be able to purchase our dresses 1-On Sale, 2- with Free Shipping, 3- and get FREE Headbands, and FREE Flower Clips!! All happening at

Here are some photos of the crochet headbands, nylon headbands, flower clips, and crochet hats. Check below for color choices. Make sure to write "Headband Promotion" in the comment box when you checkout. Then write the color of headband and flower clip you want, for every dress purchased. (if you buy 3 dresses, you get 3 headbands and 3 flower clips!!)

Flower Colors:  White, Red, Light Pink, Hot Pink
Crochet Headband Colors:  Lavender, White, Red, Ivory, Pink
Nylon Headband Color:  White
Hat Colors: Pink, White
Add a hat to any order for just $5


  1. Your sisiter in law, Judi, said that your had beautiful dresses and I have to agree whole heartedly with her! But, I don't have a daughter or a granddaughter who would wear them. I will, however pass the word!